Halal Certificated Natural Max Slimming Capsule L-Carnitine Capsule + Green Tea Capsules

                                      Slimming L-Carnitine Inexperienced Tea Capsules


Item Title  L-Carnitine Eco-friendly Tea Capsules
Energetic ingredients Tea Polyphenols
Purpose Slimming,Avert and handle a assortment of cancers, including breast, stomach, and skin cancers
Kind softgel/capsules/tablets
Colour Eco-friendly or customers’ necessity
Filling fat 500mg or customers’ requirement
Validity Amongst two-5 many years
Brand Design and style Sure
CZPTized Formulas Sure
Brand Name Your brand name or ours if you favor
Payment technique T/T, L/C, Western Union, Income, Ali escrow and many others.
Packaging Options Bulk, bottles, blister packs or customers’ need



What is L-carnitine?

  L-carnitine is a important substance in the procedure of fat metabolism ,that can advertise the oxidative decomposition of fatty acids into the mitochondria.Carnitine is a fatty acid provider. In the long substantial-depth physical exercise, carnitine improves fat oxidation rate, lowering the usage of glycogen, but also delaying exhaustion.


   L-carnitine + Inexperienced Tea Capsules is an important substance which plays an important role in the process of slimming and strength creation. Inexperienced TEA capsules (extract from environmentally friendly tea) demonstrates an increase entire body temperature and dissolves molecules of unwanted fat, which will favorably have an effect on the acceleration of getting rid of excess fat from the entire body. The edge of Green Tea is also sturdy action and power.



1.Market excess fat burning and supply energy for the entire body

two.Assists lessen lactic acid accumulation, boost the physique vitality, alleviate exhaustion

three.Has a potent antioxidant, can effectively struggle free radicals

4.Avoid heart ailment, keep a healthy coronary heart

five.Regulate blood lipids blood stress, increase diabetic complications, pores and skin whitening

How L-carnitine can support bodyweight reduction?

In metabolic procedure fat need to have to go by means of an obstacle, obstacle is the mitochondrial membrane, mitochondria can burn up excess fat, so that the release of strength consumed by the entire body, but the long-chain fatty acids can not pass this hurdle.

L-carnitine performs a function of a porter ! The L-carnitine carry long-chain fatty acids tiny by little to the outside the house shield , and to the mitochondria, make it further oxidized!

1.Eco-friendly tea extract weight reduction capsules
Primary Ingredients:Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis) (leaf),, will deliver to you in element

Eco-friendly Tea Extract Capsules Oem 500mg/1000mg 

two.Garcinia cambogia extract bodyweight loss capsules
(1).Healthier Fat burning capacity

(two).CZPTized Extract
(three).60% HCA
(four).A Dietary Health supplement
(five).GMP High quality Assured
(six).Capsules:500mg /1000mg or OEM 

three.L-carnitine (composite fiber tablet)
(one) Filling weight: 500mg/softgel, 1000mg/softgel, etc.

(2) Lively ingredient: L-carnitine
(3) Energetic ingredient articles 25mg,50mg,and many others.
(4) Other ingredient: Soybean oil, beeswax, gelatin, glycerin and water.
(five) Colour: Environmentally friendly, Cream Yellow or as for each customer’s necessity
(6) Condition:oval, rectangular, spherical, gourd shape

4.Green Espresso Bean Extract capsules
Inexperienced coffee bean extract from the seed of coffea arabica, coffea canephora, coffea liberica. The main substances of the environmentally friendly espresso bean extract is chlorogenic acid, with the function of decreasing blood push, antitumor have stage-down, antitumor, tonifying kidney and antioxidant. Chlorogenic acid also can be employed in overall health meals to make it flavor good.

5.CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) 
CLA could inhibit excess fat storage by improving the ability of cell membranes, other than body fat cells, to open up and permit a health absorption of fats and other nutrition. It may also market the expansion of healthy muscles by permitting vitamins into lively muscle mass cells       

Health Operate: 

1. Encourage fat burning and provide strength for the human body
two will help lessen lactic acid accumulation, increase the human body power, alleviate tiredness
3 has a potent antioxidant, can efficiently fight free radicals
4. Avert coronary heart illness, sustain a healthy heart
five regulate blood lipids blood stress, improve diabetic issues, pores and skin whitening, UV protection.

Our Organization



one, Are you a manufacturer?

Sure, ZheJiang langmei biotechnology co. LTD is a professional deal company engaged in the investigation, growth, production, sale and provider of nutritional supplements and overall health foods ,which includes sofegel, hard capsules,powder,tablets dosages.

2, What nations around the world your merchandise have been sold to?

The solution has been exported to above forty nations around the world, this kind of as United states, Canada, CZPTpe and so forth.

three, Do you have your personal laboratory and what itmes you can take a look at?

Yes, we have our possess laboratory that pass CNAS certification, all the take a look at equipment from United states, these kinds of as GC, HPLC and so on. the Company can check assy of active ingredients, heavy metal, microorgansim, actual physical & chemicl index, Pesticide and so on.

four, What’s the common or specification your Organization adopted?

The Company established up complete common and specification for each and every place, the primarily standards is from United states, CZPTpe, China.

five, Could you create the merchandise according to our system?

Yes, our Firm is the top agreement manufacturer in China, we can create the item in accordance to your system.

6, What’s the MOQ of every merchandise and how about the delivery time?

The MOQ of every single item in accordance to the materials, the normal MOQ is three hundred,000pcs, the delivery time is about 25 days.

seven, Could you support us to register the merchandise in our Country?

Yes, we will extremely glad to supply this service to you.

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Halal Certificated Natural Max Slimming Capsule L-Carnitine Capsule + Green Tea Capsules