Hot Selling Fixed Belt Conveyor System for Crushed Stone River Sand

Belt conveyor transient overview 
B6X series belt conveyors paying out a lot more focus to genuine needs of markets and end users when compared with the classic belt conveyors&comma with both its modular standard style and its innovative design of the headstock and tailstock capable to assure the tools high generate&comma substantial performance and low costs throughout operation&comma and B6X series belt conveyors have aslo accomplished convenient set up&comma easy maintenance&comma strength conservation and enviromental protection&comma as properly as the high-conclude manufacturing technology&comma attractive appearance and substantial basic safety&comma which can satisfy the requirements for substantial standard transportation of all sorts of bulk materials&interval So such conveyors can act as the ideal and upgraded substitutes of the traditional belt conveyors&time period

Rewards of rubber belt conveyor
one&periodModular common layout&comma easy to sustain and install&period
two&periodOptimized structure&comma outstanding high quality&period of time
three&periodHigh-quality security&comma high safety&period of time
4&periodLattice construction&comma excellent bending resistance&period

Apps of belt conveyor
Belt conveyor commonly utilized in mining&commagravel field&comma metallurgy&comma building resources&commachemical industry&commamineral processing&commacoal mining and other industries&periodIt can express bulk content like coal&commacement&commasand&commacereal and so on&periodAnd can convey lump substance&commasuch as rock&commaalso it can express 50kg bags&period of time

Requirements of rubber belt conveyor

Product Width&lparmm&rpar Duration&lparm&rpar&solPower&lparkw&rpar Speed&lparm&sols&rpar Capability&lpart&solh&rpar
B6X400 four hundred ≤12&sol2&period2 12~20 &sol2&period2~4 20~twenty five&sol3&period5~seven&period5 1&period25~2&period0 30~sixty
B6X500 five hundred ≤12&sol3 12~20&sol3~5&period5 20~thirty&sol5&period5~7&period5 one&period25~two&period0 40~80
B6X650 650 ≤12&sol4 twelve~twenty&sol4~5&period5 twenty~thirty&sol5&period5~11 1&period25~2&period0 eighty~a hundred and twenty
B6X800 800 ≤10&sol4 10~fifteen&sol4~5&period5 15~30&sol5&period5~15 one&period25~2&period0 120~two hundred
B6X1000 one thousand ≤10&sol5&period5 ten~20&sol5&period5~eleven twenty~forty&sol11~22 one&period25~two&period0 200~320
B6X1200 1200 ≤10&sol7&period5 10~20&sol7&period5~fifteen 20~40&sol15~30 1&period25~2&period0 290~480

Functioning principle of rubber belt conveyor
Rubber flat belt conveyor is a common means of transport employed in mining enterprises&interval It employs the belt conveyance to draw and assist elements and transport resources by way of the transferring belt&time period It utilizes the interior friction and side force of loose content to boosts the internal pressure from the pulling force in its relocating route created by the rolling chamber in the adhesive chamber&comma as a result escalating the interior friction&period When inclination falls within specific scope&comma the inward friction pressure can make sure the security between layers and produce constant motion&period When the interior friction power amongst the layers is more substantial than the external force of the adhesive&comma the roller beneath the adhesive will shift together with the material&time period When the ratio of internal drive and exterior drive meets a condition&comma the substance movement is stable&period 

Hot Selling Fixed Belt Conveyor System for Crushed Stone River Sand