Hot Selling Imazethapyr 98% TC, 10% SL

Common name:   Imazethapyr

CAS No.: 81335-77-5.

Specification: ninety seven%TC, 5%SL, 10%SL, 70%WP, 70% WDG, four% AS

Formula: C15H19N3O3.
Molecular excess weight: 289.30.
Actual physical & Chemical Properties  
Look: Slight yellow to brown powder. 
Melting Level: 169-173°C.
Vapour Pressure: .01m Pa at 20°C.
Balance: Solubility in drinking water one.4mg/L, forty five, in acetone forty eight.two g/L, 105g/l in methanol marginally soluble in toluene about 5g/l, 17 g/l in isopropanol , .9 g/l in heptanc,really marginally soluble in heptane.


It is an imidazole compound employed as a selective herbicide. It is applied preplant integrated, preemergence, at cracking, and postemergence. The compound controls weeds by minimizing the stages of 3 branched-chain aliphatic amino acids, isoleucine, leucine and valine, through the inhibition of aceto-hydroxyacid synthase, an enzyme typical to the biosynthetic pathway for these amino acids.

Widespread title Imazethapyr 95% TC
CAS No 81335-seventy seven-5
CZPT ninety five% TC
Formulation  70% WP, 100 g/L SL
Application Handle of a lot of key yearly and perennial grass and broad-leaved weeds in most major crops, at two-4 oz/a. Applied pre-plant included, pre-emergence, or publish-emergence.
Storage Balance Stable for 2 many years right after receipt of order if saved below advised circumstances. Right after 2 several years, the compound ought to be re-analyzed for chemical purity prior to use.


Name of product Imazethapyr ninety seven%TC
Index name Index    value Measured  value
Visual appeal White  powder White  powder
Articles (%) ≥96.00 98.thirty
Decline on drying (%) ≤1 .38
PH Value 3.-five. three.4
Insoluble in Water (%) ≤0.five .two

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Hot Selling Imazethapyr 98% TC, 10% SL