New U Type Spiral Screw Gig Helicoidalconveyer Conveyor

A screw conveyor (also recognized as spiral conveyors,conveyor screw,auger conveyor)is one particular of the most flexible and expense effective mechanical conveyors for managing dry bulk solids this kind of as flakes, grains, powders, seeds and granules. The conveyor supplies enclosed transfer even though relocating resources-horizontally, vertically or at an incline and can provide components from one or much more inlet points to a single or much more discharge details. It typically consist of a trough or tube containing either a spiral blade coiled close to a shaft, driven at one stop and held at the other, or a “shaftless spiral”, driven at one particular stop and cost-free at the other. Screw conveyors can be operated with the movement of substance inclined upward. When area allows, this is a really cost-effective approach of elevating and conveying. As the angle of inclination increases, the capacity of a given unit speedily decreases.

Screw conveyor extensively utilised in chemical, metallurgy, paper creating, and construction industries. The tools is mainly suited for subject flowing operate, these kinds of as concrete mixing station, bulk substance transit storage, etc. 

Operating Principle
New Variety U Variety Spiral CZPT Screw CZPT consists of electrical motor driven spiral, which is the only moving component, rotates in a meals grade & sealed tube.The material moves alongside the spiral inside of the tube. The distinctive action of the flexible spiral conveyor removes thea risk of the merchandise separation that can get spot in traditional pneumatic conveying programs exactly where blended components have elements of distinct densities and particle dimensions.
1.No pollution:
Flexible auger machine with entirely-enclosed structure CZPT causing any environmental pollution.
two.Widely application:
CZPT CZPT in mild steel and stainless steel so flexible auger machine can commonly utilized for all sorts of material 
3.Simple to set up:
With basic composition so flexible auger machine easy assembly and replacement of component parts. 
4.Easy maintenance and low operating cost. 
5.Multiple inlets and outlets.
Flexible auger machine with numerous inlet and outlet,so it can combine substance and unload content at any details

CZPT Parameters  

Design Screw Diameter Screw Pitch n—Rotation Speed (r/min), Allowable Deviation < 10%
Q—Potential (m3/h), Filling Element = .33
(mm) (mm) n Q n Q n Q n Q
LS 160 160 one hundred sixty 112 eight 90 seven seventy one six 50 four
LS 200 200 two hundred 100 14 80 twelve sixty three ten fifty 7
LS 250 250 250 ninety 24 71 twenty fifty six 16 45 thirteen
LS 315 315 315 eighty 34 sixty three 26 fifty 21 40 16
LS 400 four hundred 355 71 sixty four 56 52 forty five forty one 36 34
LS five hundred five hundred 400 63 a hundred fifty eighty forty 64 32 52
LS 630 630 450 fifty one hundred forty five 40 116 32 ninety four twenty five 80
LS 800 800 500 forty 208 32 a hundred sixty five 25 130 twenty one hundred ten
LS a thousand one thousand 560 32 300 twenty five 230 20 one hundred eighty sixteen one hundred fifty
LS 1250 1250 630 25 388 twenty 320 16 260 thirteen 200

New U Type Spiral Screw Gig Helicoidalconveyer Conveyor