Wenhong Hot Foil Stamping Die Cutting Machine 1050sf

Wenhong Sizzling Foil Stamping Die Cutting Machine 1050SF

This device is mostly outfitted with the following:
Feeder device
* outfitted with 4 suction four strong feeder, produce paper secure smoothly, at the exact same time, the height and Angle of suction nozzle can be altered accordingly
* put together automobile on-off, enhance the efficiency of operations
* the tilting paper mesa, more suited for substantial velocity tissue paper transportation and positioning
* preserve type transport paper lifting gadget
* double pressure management unit
* side positioning adopts the pull and drive amphibious facet gauge unit, according to the paper chooses, switch is simple
* CZPT high top quality blow   breathe in dual vacuum pump
* swappable block in place ahead of the fall speed device, in favor of the high pace tissue paper positioning
* Paper drop hair can be relocating and adjusting of wheel roller, and increase the performance

Sizzling stamping unit
* the very hot stamping division management technique adopts the most innovative technologies (with Po’s)
* air-cooled foil stress shaft
* complete laptop control gold foil going for walks, jogging established programming
* put gold standard for biaxial scroll namely SanZongLiangHeng institutions
* hot stamping department every single axis has a large-power servo motor generate, and independent programming established gold foil strolling, jogging

Die reducing device
* the trubine crank toggle the higher precision aircraft die-chopping workbench
* on stationary aircraft with substantial precision die chopping workbench
* of the heart, the main component of crank shaft, worm, worm gear, toggle axis) undertake imported high alloy steel
* two sets of die slicing precision and durable metal hardness HRC45-forty seven levels, and use by his aspect of the lock
* die chopping of room/pneumatic locking technique
* imported pneumatic clutch/brake
* litres of back again stress on the use of electric digital exhibit, the smart stress detection technique, stress can immediately lift,
* imported pneumatic clutch/brake
* peak and strain tonnage precision die reducing system easy to function
* At 4 o ‘clock before  principles a flap can individual fine-tuning to adapt to the diverse paper underneath the problem of accurate positioning
* the use of innovative technology, the one tooth scheduled to do wonderful-tuning prior to and soon after compensation, to obtain product processing precision requirements
* the newest engineering more chip parallel CAM intermittent chain row transmission mechanism (imported divider and import torque clutch)
* large precision imported gripper of transmission chain
* 7 import gripper row, every single ten stainless metal grippers and supporting tooth pillow
* into the mouth and out of the paper, paper in spot to detect magic eye
* function magic eye monitoring with all the big Liquid crystal display screen interface, supply detailed troubleshooting methods
* coronary heart components compelled lubrication technique one.5 KW cooling loop system for the oil, oil strain display system and lower oil force, air stress alarm device
* papers on flat prior to die slicing unit

Paper delivery device
* automatic principal paper receiver station, handy procedure, tremendously strengthening the production performance, and deputy paper utilizing curtain variety change, significantly facilitate the procedure is a lot more suitable for modest measurement far more puzzle items
* configuration inset counter
* the tooth row of transmission chain up round the buffer gadget
* employing piecewise adjustable brush and paper kowalski b r. correction for the blower to stabilize paper division for completed merchandise
* routinely insert chain is used in the primary chain lubrication oil plant

The ministry of electric management
* programmable controller PLC manage of the equipment operation and fault checking system
* electrical components and electrical circuit adopts innovative CZPTpean and American countries protection specifications (CE normal)


Design 105SF
Max.Paper size 1050x750mm
Min.Paper measurement 400x360mm
Max. Die chopping dimensions 1040x720mm
Max.Stamping dimension 1571x720mm
Inner chase dimension 1080x745mm
Content 90-2000gsm cardboard.  
.1-2mm cardboard, corrugated cardboard ≤ 4mm
Pace Max.7500sheets/hr ( die chopping)
Max.6000sheets/hr (stamping)
Operating Force 300T
Max.feeding paper pile height 1200mm
Max.conveying paper pile peak 1000mm
CZPTal heating Method twelve person zones, Max.heating temperature 120ºC
Machine fat 16T
Device Size 7380x4100x2120mm
Air stress .6MPa
Registration Accuracy ±0.075mm
Gripper Edge eight-12mm
Max.foil Diameter 250mm (vertical)
250mm (horizontal)


Wenhong Hot Foil Stamping Die Cutting Machine 1050sf