Auger Conveyor Conveying System Screw Feeder Screw Conveyor

Auger CZPT Produced in China

Short Introduction
Cement screw conveyor is bulk content dealing with gear, which typically is composed of a tube that contains both a spiral blade coiled close to a shaft (sometimes known as an auger), driven at one end and held at the other. The main areas include tube, shaft with spiral blades, inlet and outlet chutes, as well as driving unit.

 Working principle
Inside a tube, the LSY screw conveyor makes use of a rotating helical screw blade, to go granular and powdery supplies. Cement screw feeder is normally installed at a incline in many industries, this sort of as concrete mixing station, bulk materials transit storage, and so forth. 

Main Attributes
one.Simple framework, great sealing, straightforward procedure and low power invest expense. 
2.It has the characteristics of modest screw diameter, substantial rotation speed and large ability, specially appropriate for inclined transport. The angle is up to sixty diploma. 
3.Extensively employed in chemical, metallurgy, paper generating, and construction industries, etc. 
four.Axle head and conveying spiral adopt spline connection, with features of practical mounting&disassembling, big load ability and balance. 
five.All sections of screw conveyor are connected with flange. Also screw blades are integral link. 
six.Inlet and outlet chutes have many varieties of connections, this kind of as flange, sack, universal joint, and many others.

 Selection issue
Primary concerns for the variety of a screw conveyor are as follow:
    one.Sort and issue of the supplies to be managed, which includes highest particle measurement, and, if CZPT, the 
distinct bulk density of the substance to be conveyed.
    two.Amount of transported material, expressed in pounds or tons per hour.
    three.The length for which the substance is to be conveyed.
Under is the essential data for the assortment of a screw conveyor technique, offered in a series of five 
methods. These steps are arranged in sensible get, and are divided into individual sections for simplicity. The five 
measures are:
    1.Establishing the characteristics of the content to be conveyed.
    2.Locating conveyor ability (conveyor dimension and pace) on ability tables.
    3.Assortment of conveyor elements.
    four.Calculation of needed horsepower.
    five.Checking of components torque capacities (like choice of shaft types and measurements)
 CZPT Parameters:

Design Screw Diameter Screw Rotation Velocity Housing Diameter Max. Potential Max. Duration Inclination Angle Electricity
L ≤ 7m L > 7m
(mm) (r/min) (mm) (t/h) (m) (diploma) (kW)
LSY a hundred and sixty 163 308 194 twenty five fifteen 0°~ 60° five.five 7.5
LSY 200 185 260 219 forty eighteen 7.5 11
LSY 250 237 200 273 60 twenty five 11 fifteen
LSY 300 285 170 325 90 twenty five eighteen.5 22
LSY 400 362 a hundred and seventy 402 a hundred and twenty 25 18.5 22

Auger Conveyor Conveying System Screw Feeder Screw Conveyor