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SC200/200 500M CZPT CZPT/Developing Elevate/Rack and Pinion elevator/CZPT CZPT

                 ZheJiang Xingdou is a professional manufacturer of design hoist


Merchandise Sort Product Lifting Pace(m/min) Max Peak(m) Drive Unit Security Gadget Electronic Management Systerm
Direct driving PLC SC100/100 33 m/min 150m two*11KW SAJ30-1.2 PLC
SC150/150 33 m/min 150m two*15KW SAJ40-one.two PLC
SC200/two hundred 33 m/min 150m 3*11KW SAJ40-1.two PLC
Reduced Speed VFD SC100/100L -forty m/min 250m two*11KW SAJ40-1.two 30KW VFD
SC150/150L -forty m/min 250m 2*13KW SAJ40-1.two 30KW VFD
SC200/200LA -33 m/min 250m two*13KW SAJ40-1.two 30KW VFD
SC200/200LB -forty m/min 250m two*15KW SAJ40-one.2 37KW VFD
SC200/200LC -forty six m/min 250m three*11KW SAJ40-one.two 37KW VFD
Mid Pace VFD SC200/200MA -fifty five m/min 350m 2*19KW SAJ40-one.four 45KW VFD
SC200/200MB -sixty m/min 350m two*23KW SAJ40-one.four 55KW VFD
SC200/200MC -sixty three m/min 350m 3*15KW SAJ50-1.four 55KW VFD
SC200/200MD -seventy two m/min 350m 3*19KW SAJ50-one.6 75KW VFD
High Speed VFD SC200/200HA -eighty m/min 450m 3*23KW SAJ50-1.six 75KW VFD
SC200/200HB -90 m/min 450m three*26KW SAJ50-2. 90KW VFD
SC200/200HC -100 m/min 450m 3*32KW SAJ50-two. 110KW VFD
SC200/200HD -120 m/min 550m three*19KW SAJ50-2.4 75KW VFD

Merchandise Details:

A. Generation process:Rigorous content assortment-  blanking- inspection – welding-inspection- Blasting – inspection -Baking finished or galvanized- inspection -Completed merchandise

Special style for Cage:
one. bottom and roof of Cage adopt  trapezoidal frame  
two. Base and the roof are entire symmetry  
three. The plane of symmetry are related by  Bending plate,  Bending channel and  square pipe which make it  firm, straight and balance in use.  
4. The wall all around cage can be mounted by Punched  Aluminium plate, Punched zinc plate, metal wire mesh.
five. Area Remedy: Blasting, Baking finished,Galvanized

B:About the mast section 

one. Steel plates are bented of U-condition to bolster the mast area.
2. Mast part with galvanized coat or warmth spray coat can be selected.
three. Large top quality steel plate Q345B bended by particular equipment: Thickness four.5mm.  

4. Welded steel tube Q345B and seamless steel tube twenty# are also CZPT: Ø76*4.5mm or Ø89*four.5mm 

(Thickness of 6mm or 8mm is also CZPT).

5. 650*650*1508mm is the most common size matches for clientele. Other model of mast section can select: 

450*450*1508mm, 650*900*1508mm,800*800*1508mm

About us:

ZheJiang Xingdou CZPT Equipment Co.,Ltd in the nation has 26 abroad
workplaces, the nation has virtually two hundred sales outlets, establish a seem program of the support network. 

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Best Quality Manufacturers Rack and Gear Building Hoist for Sale