Brand New Round Titanium Bar Peeling Machine Peeler

CZPT Introduction
The WXC collection peeling machine are special large-performance lathes for roughing and ending the outer circumference of spherical bars/ pipes and wire rods. It gets rid of decarburized layers, cracks and other crackers on the surface of the bars speedily and with large precision.
he models in the parameter desk can be created into frequent varieties (Variety B, Type C), small (CA) sort and numerical management (S) typ

Strengths & Merits
1. It can approach further lengthy rods, pipes and wires, which includes coil to coil, and coil to bars.
2. High effectiveness: multiple blades concurrently function: its function effectiveness is a number of times higher than typical lathe.
three. Substantial precision: diameter tolerance of completed products ≤h9, surface area roughness ≤6.three μm
4. Non-air pollution: disposals can be recycled.

Parameter Table

Product WXC130CA
Workpiece Necessary Cutting variety(mm) Φ35~ Φ135X3000~limitless
Tensile energy σb(Mpa) ≤1100
Surface area hardness ≤HB320
Bend(mm/m) ≤1.fifty
Diameter tolerance As per GB 702-88 team two
Roundness ≤diameter tolerance 50%
Surface area roughness(Ra) ≤25~50mm
Finished Items Diameter variety(mm) Φ30~Φ130
Radius cutting depth(mm) . 5~two.5
Diameter tolerance ≤IT9(standard diameter tolerance)
Surface area roughness (Ra) ≤3.2μm
Roundness (mm) ≤0.03
Feeding velocity (infinitely adjust pace m/min) 1.~5.(Gradual down for materials with ceaseless chips, higher power and large hardness.)
Cutter head rotating speed (infinitely variable velocity) (r/min) 160~900 (two degree velocity gearbox)
Major motor energy (kW) 90(four electrodes)   
Feeding motor electrical power (kW) 5.five (four electrodes)
Clamping motor vehicle motor (kW) four (servo)
Dimensions (m) (reference) Host machine 4X3.7X2.four
Fat (t) (reference) Host equipment eleven.five
Whole potential (kW) one hundred twenty
Resource of compressed air (prepared by consumer) .four~.8MPa, 2m3/min, with next grade  oil and drinking water separator

Composition Introduction

The equipment is composed of two basic members: “host device and transportation gadgets”.

1. Host device: host device is made up of lathe bed, spindle, oil-air lubrication system , entrance clamping and rear extracting programs, front information and middle-rear guide and so on.

two. Transportation gadgets: Transportation devices includes loader and unloader.

3. Oil-air lubrication program: Oil-air lubrication program is specially created for retaining effective lubricating and cooling in the method of spindle’s high velocity rotation. It is comprised of pump, oil air distribution block and gasoline resource processing component.

four. Slicing liquid cooling recycling method: Reducing liquid cooling recycling system is composed of cooling drinking water recycling pump, pipelines, nozzles and so on. Substantial pressure water pump transports cooled cutting liquid in water tank to nozzle near the cutter head by means of pipe. It directly sprays onto chopping blade stage and chips, whereby the greater part of cutting warmth is taken away, and drops to discharging gap beneath the cutter head jointly with chips, and flows back again to h2o tank through pipe to cool down.

5.Chip-conveyor: Chip-conveyor is an outsourced good quality merchandise. Chips vacation via downfall hole at the base of cuter head and drop on to the chain plates of the conveyor and are introduced out by transmission ,waiting around to be collected.

six. CZPT force system: CZPT stress program is made up of pump electric powered motor, control valve, hydraulic stress gasoline tank, hydraulic stress pipes and other individuals. It enables to clamp and extract bars through oil cylinder inside front (rear) clamping elements.

7. CZPT machinery technique: CZPT system contains power provide and managing method. It is composed of one power distributing cupboard and one working button station. It fulfils the operate of electric powered handle for major transmission technique, front and rear clamping feeding method, cooling technique, hydraulic strain program, chip-conveyor and transportation units.


Designs FOR YOUR Selection

Model Input Dia                        Length Feeding Velocity Chopping Depth Surface Roughness Dia.Tolerance Spindle Motor Whole Capability
WXC20 ф5-ф20mm ≥1400mm 1-25m/min .five-2mm Ra≤3.2 IT9 22KW 30KW
WXC40 ф5.5-ф40mm ≥1400mm 1-15m/min .five-2mm Ra≤3.two IT9 45KW 63KW
WXC60 ф13-ф75mm ≥2000mm 1-15m/min .5-2mm Ra≤3.two IT9 45KW 63KW
WXC80 ф16-ф85mm ≥2200mm 1-12m/min .five-3mm Ra≤3.2 IT9 55KW/75KW 75KW/90KW
WXC100 ф25-ф110mm ≥2800mm .5-10m/min 1-4mm Ra≤3.2 IT9 75KW 95KW
WXC130 ф35-ф135mm ≥3000mm .three-6m/min one-5mm Ra≤3.two IT9 90KW 120KW
WXC160 ф45-ф170mm ≥3500mm .three-5m/min one-5mm Ra≤3.two IT9 110KW 140KW
WXC200 ф70-ф210mm ≥4000mm .3-4m/min one-5mm Ra≤3.2 IT9 132KW 165KW
WXC250 ф95-ф260mm ≥4000mm .two-two.5m/min one-5mm Ra≤3.two IT9 160KW 210KW
WXC350 ф150-ф360mm ≥4500mm .1-2m/min 1-10mm Ra≤3.two IT9 200KW 265KW
WXC400 ф205-ф410mm ≥4800mm .one-2m/min 1-10mm Ra≤3.2 IT9 250KW 345KW
WXC500 ф315-ф510mm ≥5000mm .1-1.5m/min one-10mm Ra≤3.2 IT9 315KW 415KW

 About US

Realwell CZPT Co.,Ltd is a higher-tech enterprise integrating product advancement, production, income and provider, situated in HangCZPT CZPT, ZheJiang Province. Its major items this kind of as the peeling device, straightener, combined drawing unit, polisher, centreless grinder, chamfering machine and auxiliary device etc. have been extensively used in deep processing of non-ferrous metal, ferrous metallic and profile in various industries, the high quality and precision of which are the two well obtained by buyers.

Its merchandise have been exported to Russia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Iran and so on, and drastically welcomed by the clients in these international locations.

Realwell CZPT Co.,Ltd is fully commited to the surface area treatment sector, bringing China’s large-quality merchandise to the globe.

Brand New Round Titanium Bar Peeling Machine Peeler