Dzl Water Fire Tube Industrial Rice Mill Biomass Steam Boiler

Product Attributes:
1.Energy preserving and environmental defense: utilizes the latest gasoline combustion technologies, sets up innovative gasification rotary combustion chamber, the rotational stream secondary air distribution, can make the gas burning a lot more fully.
it makes use of the substantial efficiency warmth transfer first threaded pipe, with affordable flue gas flow charge, so that the boiler thermal performance is far more improved. Thermal effectiveness can reach previously mentioned eighty five%.
Boiler adopts the countrywide advertising of environmentally friendly renewable biomass picket pellet gasoline, CO2 achieves zero emissions, dust emission concentration fish 50mg / m3, flue gas blackness is significantly less than Salinger I the degree, the indicators reach the first class national locations environmental standards.
2.Reduced running cost: due to the fact the boiler itself utilizing lignocellulosic biomass gas particles belongs to the country to help the marketing of new environmentally friendly gas ,which is a renewable resource. With large calorific price,reduced value,qualities of a broad variety of sources. The operation expense is only a single fourth of the electric powered boiler, burning oil (gas) boiler beneath 50 %.
three. Substantial diploma of automation: electronic integrated controller, it can automatically management the combustion circumstances in accordance to the person sets, the procedure is simple and hassle-free, automatic ignition, automated feeding, automated cleaning, and identical hassle-free as the gas, fuel boiler procedure.
four.Safety: it employs the higher standard, high high quality auxiliary , appendix and automated management tools guarantee the basic safety of boiler and the regular operation.

Scope of software:
Horizontal automated biomass fired steam boiler major purpose is to give substantial quality steam and motive power for industrial creation, this kind of as textile, papermaking, rubber, meals, hospital and other industries.

CZPT parameters:

generation procedure:


Set up:


Dzl Water Fire Tube Industrial Rice Mill Biomass Steam Boiler