As with our conventional external gears, shaft options include flat or hex shafts, and we use gear cutting strategies from broaching to hobbing, based on design options and end-consumer requirements. We are able to also heat treat inner gears via carburizing, flame induction, or nitriding.

Ever-Power full type of gear manufacturing solutions includes internal gears, furthermore to our selection of conventional, external gears. Internal gears, with teeth located on the inside instead of the outside of the apparatus, are used in all industrial sectors, from military/authorities to electronics and chemical substance applications. We also serve customers in the medical, auto, biotechnology, and packaging industrial sectors. Our internal gears could be produced in diameters up to 42″, with a maximum diametrical pitch of 2.5, and a maximum module of 10.

Custom Internal Gears

We substantiate our quality to you on every gear we produce by e-mail through the most modern On-panel Inspection and Software Technology offered anywhere in the world.

Decreased sliding action due to internal gear tooth configuration
Decreased sliding means less friction and less tooth wear
Internal gear in some applications eliminates dependence on an idler gear
Internal gears may be operated in a fixed position or a free rotating with pinion fixed
Ever-Power internal gear grinding technology “exceeds that of any of our competitors” and we can manufacture the Largest Pinions of any Pitch and Face Widths of up to 80″. This technology also gives us Inspection Features for Lead, Pitch, Profile, & Runout, on Internal Gears up to 240″ Size. The precision style and manufacture of our inner gears results in smoother procedure and better performance.